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"Useful and handy email campaigning products. They made a great difference to my business profits. Many Thanks!"
Aspen Fissel
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Why Businesses Need Email Spider Software?

Email marketing has been made profoundly easy with the Email Sender Software from Emailsmartz. Whether it is about sending newsletter for professional marketing strategy, or it is about a targeted email promotion campaign, you can create a direct impact upon prospective customers with the help of this email sender. With the download trial of the software, you can get a fair idea about how capably the software can handle your email marketing campaign.

It Can Do It All:
This bulk email sender sends newsletters to clients, organizes your list of the email addresses, enables and disables subscriber names, imports and exports email addresses, sends mails in MX mode, and the list goes on. The mass email sender from Emailsmartz can send emails and newlsetters with a basic speed that could reach as high as 50,000 emails per hour. Simple to understand and easy-to-use interface helps you carry out the email marketing campaign very professionally.

Group Management of your Emails:
Simply define the groups of targeted customers, and then easily manage the newsletter mailing list with this auto email sender software. As per your preference, you could modify, add, paste, or delete subscribers in different mailing groups.

Manage individual recipients:
By enabling or disabling individual recipients, you could manage them within a group. This will help in sending emails to only those addresses, which have been enabled because they wish to receive emails from you. Disabled subscribers will not be sent any emails, automatically managed by the email sending program.

Import addresses and Use Designer Templates:
This bulk email sender lets you import addresses from a single file or a directory, select the group's addresses and export to .csv or .txt files on the system so that they can be stored. You could also perk-up the look of your emails with the designer templates provided in this email sender.

This Email Sender makes your Campaign Subscriber-friendly:
This is not one of those rigid programs that irritates the users to the core! With this software, offer an option of 'unsubscribe' to your recipients so that if they wish to stop receiving email from you then it be done. The tool will filter such subscribers, who unsubscribed, and prepare a list so that in future emails are not sent to the specific email addresses.

Electric Mail Delivery Speed:
You would be amazed to see how the program's multi-thread delivery system sends up to 50,000 emails every hour!
Find all the targeted email addresses for your email marketing campaign with Email Spider introduced by Emailsmartz. It is a reliable software application to build authentic email address lists using the web. You can save ample time by using this software so that targeted email addresses can be easily fetched in the least time possible. This Email Spider extracts email addresses from websites that are specified by you. Every site in the directory is generally reviewed by editors, which is before they are listed over the net. Websites are placed under specific categories of industry they belong. This is done so that you spider particular site or directory so as to create a target-based emailing list for your campaign. For any businessman, to conduct a successful online marketing process, a great deal of valid email addresses are needed so that people can come to know about the brand name. More than that, a business needs only specific list of email addresses where sending emails with information about your products would not be a problem. This is why, this mail spider uses simple method to extract valid emails for your campaign and company.

Simply by typing the URL of a website, you can extract every email address from such a site. The tool automatically fetches the addresses and then creates a mass list of addresses for your email marketing campaign. Do not worry about losing the newly built list by the software since the list can be easily saved for later use. Emailsmartz's software has the efficiency to create longer email lists with the multi-thread feature added in the utility. The user-friendly nature of the software makes it very easy for users to extract mass mailing list so that newsletters and emails can be sent to a good number of clients.

Here are the key features mentioned about this Mail Spider:
  • This professional email spider searches nearly every URL on the World Wide Web comprising trade message boards or newsgroups. Even those URLs are searched, which are generated by dynamic ASP, PHP and others.
  • A wonder feature, which extracts emails on a thread system with extraction multi-threading feature available in the software. Almost 500 extraction threads can be easily activated simultaneously with this Email Spider.
  • Searches around 100 mails every hour, which is a nominal speed for the software.
  • The email extractor automatically removes duplicate and invalid syntax email addresses while the extraction process is going on.